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Life can be difficult to manage at times, especially when stressors build up, or we experience difficult events. Our early life experiences may also impact our view of ourselves, our behaviour, and our mood. This can prevent us from feeling at our best. Sometimes we may not know why we feel down or worried. Psychological talking therapy acts to increase understanding of why a person may feel a certain way and offers approaches to improving mood and mental wellbeing. 

As a Lead Specialist Principal Clinical Psychologist, who has worked across the lifespan, with those who have experienced a wide range of difficulties including burnout, depression, anxiety, psychological trauma (PTSD/CPTSD), phobias, OCD, emotional difficulties, health conditions and adjustment to life changes and events. In my NHS role I work clinically with adults who experience substance misuse. I am a leader in Psychological Trauma Informed Practice, and as a senior clinician, I provide training to psychology colleagues and teach a day on the CBT module for Trainee Clinical Psychologists on the University of Glasgow Doctorate course.

I use therapeutic approaches guided by an individual’s goals, difficulties, and the evidence base. I am trained in a range of evidence-based therapies which include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT & Trauma Focused CBT), Compassion Focused therapy (CFT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Foremost, my aim is always to create a respectful and supportive environment where you will be listened to, and together we can work towards your therapy goals.

My fee is £120 per session.

I accept referrals from all major medical insurance providers. You can contact me for further information using the form below. 

Dr Finola Sparshott-McDaid: About

0141 673 0229

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